Equalizer for Beats Music (video)

Video description:

“Beats Music™ for the audiophile.
Use the best equalizer in the App Store to enhance your listening experience of Beats Music™

Allow cross fading of songs to enjoy uninterrupted music
Fully parametric equalizer
Auto-normalized to prevent distortion
Reuse the presets you already made in our other Audioforge eq apps
High resolution audio streaming
Import your iTunes playlists and convert them into Beats Music playlists
Full support of Beats Music™ (Make sure to sign up through the official app and maintain good standing)

This app is geared towards audiophiles who want to equalize their music and also to those who prefer un-interrupted music that cross fades between songs. A small percentage of users will be hearing impaired listeners who can adjust the audio output to their asynchronous hearing loss and as such experience the music like before their hearing loss.

BeatsMusic is a trademark of Beats Music, LLC”

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