My 24 apps of Christmas: 10 – AudioShare

Well, AudioShare has been a big part of my music making tool kit since it arrived on the app store, and the next version, 2.7, looks like it will be amazing, but if you don’t know AudioShare then you’re really missing out on a lot.

So, why is this app so special? Well it’s one of those apps that grows on you to the point where you just can’t work out how you did things without it. AudioShare is a great way to move samples and MIDI files around from all of your apps. It’s great for doing simple things with samples and for visualising MIDI files too.

If that wasn’t enough it works very well as a recorder to and is Audiobus compatible.

And in 2.7 it’s getting even better too …

So I expect that it’ll make it into pretty much any list of apps I’d make. It really is an incredibly useful app, and if you don’t know it you should have a look at it.

So before the day is over I couldn’t let it go … Happy Birthday Audiobus! 2 today!

It is amazing isn’t it, that we take Audiobus for granted so much of the time and it is something that so many of us rely on very heavily. Can you think of what it was like before Audiobus arrived and started connecting together apps for us? iOS music was very different back then, very different indeed.

So congratulations Audiobus on hitting 2 years on the app store today. I’m looking forward to lots more birthdays in due course and perhaps an update to Audiobus in the not too distant future.

And also the full version of Auria is also 50% off

So the full version of Auria itself is also still half price at $24.99. Again, I’m not sure if this is just a permanent move or not.

Auria LE is still 50% off

In case you didn’t know, Auria LE is still half price, I thought I should let you know. It’s currently only $12.99. It seems to have been on sale for a long time now and I’m wondering if this is just its new price.

It’s nearly over … The Korg app sale that is …

Just a penultimate reminder so you don’t miss out on the Korg app sale. As you’re probably aware, all of their apps are currently on sale for up to 50% off until the 11th of December.

Here’s what’s on offer:

And don’t forget that Korg’s latest app has launched. Module arrived and is at its launch price of $29.99, which is 25% off the normal price of $39.99 which it will go back up to on the 11th.

midiSequencerLite gets an update too

Here’s what’s new with midiSequencerLite:

  • brought up to date with midiSequencer v1.10
  • midi echo fx – limited version of FX IAP
  • chords – limited version of Chords IAP
  • Enabled SLAVE mode midi clock on MidiSequencer endpoints
  • Time limited extended (20mins)

ReBirth for iPad still on sale

Also Propellerhead’s ReBirth for iPad is still on sale for $2.99.

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