My 24 Apps of Christmas: 4 – Effectrix

So, day 4 of my 24 apps for Christmas, and yesterday was Egoist, so today is Effectrix. I have used this so often and in so many different ways, it is amazing. But, if you don’t know what it is I’m talking about then here’s a little bit of what Effectrix is …

“Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer for the iPad.

The game-changing tool for creative and effective music production is now available on the App Store: scatter 14 intelligent effects across a sequencer matrix and create unheard-of sound patterns and cheeky loop collages.

A playful workflow, refined algorithms and carefully parameterised effects lead to outstanding results – fast! The effects, each exceeding conventional wisdom, cover a wide spectrum from classy standards to scandalising splatter sprees.”

Actually, I don’t think it does it justice at all. Effectrix shines when used with MIDI sync, giving you a per note effect matrix. The creative possibilities for this are amazing. Here are a couple of tracks I made which make good use of Effectrix.

As I said yesterday with Egoist, I hope that Sugar Bytes keep on developing these apps. It would be a shame for them to stagnate, but even as it is Effectrix is an amazing FX app and one that I think is essential for anyone making music on an iPad.

If you don’t know the app it really worth checking out. I can’t speak highly of it enough!

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