My 24 Apps of Christmas: 3 – Egoist

I know that Egoist is a really new app, but even so it joins the rest of the apps in my 24 for the end of 2014. But it is completely amazing. What I really like about it is the marrying up of elements that work so well in other apps but all in one place. For instance, one of my other 24 apps will be Effectrix, which is possibly my favourite effects app of all time. Having effectrix inside Egoist is superb. It makes perfect sense. Ok, it isn’t as fully featured as Effectrix itself, but I can live with that, and hopefully if Egoist does well Sugar Bytes will develop it further and add other functionality.

The slicer is also excellent, and arguably the heart of the app, and in many ways it reminds me of the slicer in Gadget, but as part of the whole package it works really well. The same is true of the bass and drums parts of the app.

There are lots of sound design possibilities with Egoist and I’m really enjoying exploring them.

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