My 24 Apps of Christmas: 2 – Figure

Figure has been around for a long time, and I remember how we were all so impressed by this unique approach to making music. Figure has a solid fan base and has done amazing things for getting people to make music.

One of the most important things about Figure is how it limits your musical choices. You might find that strange, but actually I think that constraints are a very important. They help us to be creative within a set of parameters and make choices without getting lost in a sea of options.

I love this video from two years ago …

When the first music apps arrived on iOS (before it was called iOS), they were by nature very limited. As the hardware has improved and developers have made increasingly complex apps it’s so easy to get lost in the huge array of musical possibilities that are available. But Figure gives us a simple palette to create with, and even though it is simple it still gives us a massive range of possibilities.

It’s an amazing app, and it has a huge following with groups like Figure addicted …

Of course, Propellerheads haven’t rested on their laurels. Their latest app “Take” and it’s integration with Figure have taken it even further. I’m sure that it won’t stop there either. I’m looking forward to wherever they take us next on this journey.

So if you haven’t already tried Figure, and I’m guessing that you probably have, you should try it.

Figure on the app store:

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