My 24 Apps of Christmas: 1 – Korg’s Gadget

I mentioned this morning that I thought I’d do a 24 apps of Christmas. I’ve done it before and I think it’s a good way to remember all the fantastic apps that we rely on and probably take for granted.

So, to start off, my first app, and probably the app I most normally go to is Korg’s Gadget.

It’s such a complete powerhouse for musical production on your iPad. Personally I use it on a retina Mini and it works like a dream. It’s a big app, and in fact with its recent integration with Korg’s latest app, Module, it’s even bigger now. However, I like that Korg gave Gadget users a good deal if they purchased Module, getting some additional gadgets inside the app was a nice touch. I haven’t tried them out as yet, but I’m sure they’ll be good.

As I mentioned in my recent post about catching up with Korg at the MPX in London, I think that they’re doing some of the most innovative things in music technology, and they’re really supporting the community, which is a very important aspect as far as I’m concerned.

Gadget is possibly one of the best all round music production apps available for iOS in my opinion. Both it’s range of sound engines and also its design and attention to detail make it a real must for anyone who enjoys making electronic music on their iPad.

If you want to hear what people are making with Gadget, then listen to some tracks from the Gadget SoundCloud group.

If that doesn’t convince you I’m not sure what will.

But, do remember that Korg’s Gadget is 25% off until the 11th of December, so if you don’t have it then now is a good time to rectify that.

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