Oscilab Blab One by Dookone

Oscilab Breakout by sound4mation

In case you missed it, Korg’s Module app has arrived!

You can see the original post from this morning right here. It has all the detail on the app, which is 25% off at the moment, up until the 11th of December.

If you’re looking for everything that’s on sale, look now further …

If you’d like to know about all the current app sales just click here, and you’ll see everything tagged with “price drop“, so you won’t miss out.

Back in 2007: Larva Labs apps for T-Mobile Sidekick

I can only barely remember the platform let alone these apps, but they were quite unique back then and looked pretty amazing. I never got to try them and I don’t know what happened to Larva Labs. Here’s the original post which had some pictures of the apps too.

Reminder: Buy apps from the sites and blogs you love

Just a regular reminder that if you want to help support the blogs and sites that make up the mobile music community please do consider buying your apps using the iTunes links you find on those sites (including this one of course). Thanks.

What are you making this weekend?

So, it’s the weekend, what are you planning to make? Music? Apps? Templates? DIY? If you’re doing anything cool and want to share it just let me know.
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