You’ve only got today and tomorrow to contribute to my Movember page

Well we’re down to the last 4 days of this week left for making a donation to my Movember campaign! So, if you don’t know what Movember is all about then please visit this site, and if you do know what it is and would like to donate, please visit my Mobro page, here.

I’d also like to give another big thank you to Tim, Erik, Jo, Chris, and of course everyone else for supporting me in this, I really appreciate it, and I’d also the same to all the friends who have donated in the last day.


VirSyn’s apps are on sale for 50% off or more

VirSyn are having a massive sale on their apps. Here’s everything that’s on offer right now:

So grab a bargain from VirSyn!


Oscilab Mix 02 by planetanoiz


Made by Oscilab(iOS app) september 2014 やっぱり気付いたら15分くらいになっていました・・・。 これは、遊ぶのが楽し過ぎます。 01よりインダストリアルな感じにしたつもりです。 ※最初の方は音が小さいので音量注意で。

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