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3π/2 [pi] miami beach limited edition
The circle got reopened. Standuino comes back with three quarters of the circle waiting for YOU to fulfill the remaining quarter!
mystery drone synth with patchable clock sequencer is back !

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3π/2 is amazing sensual experience with rough mahogany knobs, the touch of 100 % natural wool&cotton felt case, golden patching nails and UV leds… and the color finish glows in the dark!


  • several oscillators, wavetables and synthesis types
  • settings accessed by randomizers
  • high probability of getting cool bass sounds
  • 14 bit PWM sound core
  • 4 presets
  • patchable clock sequencer with several patterns
  • internal clock or MIDI clock divider
  • MIDI input
  • UV leds
  • numbered limited edition
  • natural pure wool felt case

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