So, who wouldn’t want to win $12,000 worth of music gear?

Of course, if you don’t then don’t read any further, but if you do then you might want to check out TC-Helicon’s contest for their newest app, Voice Jam Studio which arrived at the beginning of the month, and is still on sale for only $9.99.

You can find Voice Jam Studio on the app store …


Reminder: Mikme – Wireless Recording Microphone on Kickstarter


I think that this campaign is worth keeping an eye on to see where it goes. As I mentioned when I first posted it, the funding goal is steep, but I think they’ve given themselves more time to compensate. Let’s see where it ends up.



Space Effects Created Entirely on an iPad (video, you really have to watch this)

This is an awesome video, you should really watch it.

Video description:

“Are iPads only good for consuming media? I don’t think so!

Everything you see here was created on an iPad Air (first generation), mostly using Sprite Dancer, a great animation app that reminds me of After Effects version 2.0 — 15 or 20 years ago! Other apps used include Procreate, iDraw, FluidFX, Plastic, the iPad Camera, and more. All of the music was created on the iPad using GarageBand, AudioBus, Animoog, Sunrizer, Korg iElectribe, and more.”