Nice Black Friday Discounts from Teenage Engineering

It just tempts me to get an Op-Lab though!

Details at their site.

Korg’s new Module App is arriving tomorrow!

Excited for this? I am! Here’s what’s coming …

Moog apps on sale

Moog’s apps are all on sale, Filtatron is available for just $0.99, Animoog for iPhone is down to $1.99 and Animoog for iPad is down to $4.99.

Don’t forget, Egoist is still 33% off

You’ve only got a few more days to get the excellent Egoist from Sugar Bytes at 33% off. Currently it is $19.99, but after the 1st it’ll go up.

Don’t forget, Sliver and GlitchBreaks are on sale

Alex’s excellent apps Sliver and GlitchBreaks are both on sale. Sliver is down from $5.99 to $2.99, and GlitchBreaks is down from $4.99 to $2.99.

Moog Theremini App (video)

This is a great app for Theremini users and gives access to so much of the device.

New UI and something Multi channel coming to MikroWave

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