BLIDino Arduino MIDI over Bluetooth with iOS and OSX (video), source code now available

Synthtopia posts about the release of source code for Arduino MIDI over bluetooth for iOS and OSX.

This looks pretty impressive and hopefully we’ll see some interesting applications of this very soon.

Peace Out from Redskylullaby (video)

Video description:

“Music: Red Sky Lullaby, Visuals: Moving Painting 01 by Klara Kohoutova (Video used under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non Commercial License)”

Thumbjam & Auria simultaneous orchestral instrument recording & mixing (video)

Video description:

“Quick overview of recording multiple orchestral instrument voices simultaneously from Thumbjam into Auria via IAA and then a short look at mixing the clip in Auria.”

How To ScratchVOX (video)

Looking at the Olegtron 4060

I’ve posted a couple of videos on the Olegtron. This one which was a jam, and this one showing patches. Both got me quite intrigued to I started to look around for the machine to try and see how much they cost and found the site quite easily.

I have to say that I’m quite taken with the idea. It looks amazing and is actually quite reasonably priced. I’m really tempted to get myself one of these, but I’d be very interested in hearing anyone else’s opinion of the device if they’ve used it at all.

Loopy Masterpiece: musings on track layers (video)

Mr Haq interviews BeepStreet!

He does get about a bit doesn’t he. In this post Mr Haq interviews Jarek Jacek from BeepStreet. Worth a read.

Lovely Day – Bill Withers Voice Jam Studio Cover (video)

Arduino Day 2015 announced

Whilst I probably haven’t given this enough room overall I think that Arduino Day is a good idea and an opportunity to set aside some time for experimentation and tinkering, which is something that I know I could do with more time for.

So next year the date is set for the 28th of March. You can find out more on the Arduino blog.

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – Noisemusick (video)

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