Video description:

Skip to 4:12 for the internal patch examples
Skip to 8:53 for patch examples with the Arturia MicroBrute

The Olegtron 4060 is an analog oscillator or signal generator. In this video I demonstrate how to patch it, to produce audio and control voltage signals, which can be used for electronic music. Towards the end of the video I patch it into my Arturia MicroBrute analog synthesizer, but you can of course also use it with modular synthesizers or other analog gear.

Check out Olegtron’s website:

… Olli Suorlahti’s / Olegtron’s YouTube channel:

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Audio gear used:

  • Olegtron Mechatronics “Olegtron 4060” Oscillator/Divider
  • Arturia MicroBrute (analog synthesizer)
  • Zoom R16 (recording)

Filmed with a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel t2i) and GoPro HD Hero.

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