Video description:

“This demo consists of the Teenage Engineering PO-12 (prototype), a Boss DD-5 Digital Delay effects pedal and a Fender Mini Tone Master amp. The Fender amp applies a bit of distortion to the signal and slight EQ cut on the highs. The delay produces a minimal echo of the PO-12s output.

I pre-programmed the bassline for this demo but the rest of the track is built-up as the video progresses. The PO-12 is the sound generator for the entire track. Holding down the “Write” button and tweaking the right parameter knob allows for recording of parameter movement; in many cases it is decay, like on the hi-hats, but with some sounds it is pitch, filter, etc. Holding down the “FX” button followed by one of the 1-16 buttons applies an effect to the master output. This too can be recorded in real-time and embedded into the pattern. This video may or may not be representative of the PO-12 post-release as the unit in this video is a prototype.”

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