Heebie-GBs – World’s First LSDj Album Sold on Cartridge (video)

Cartridges are still available from ASM Retro: http://asmretro.com/hbgbs

A Halloween 2014 compilation album as a Gameboy ROM. The world’s first LSDj album sold on cartridge.

Menu code and LSDj adaption by nitro2k01. Spaghetti code by a pastafarian. Powered by LSDj by Johan Kotliniski.

Track list:
Nordloef – Cradle to the Rave
Aaron Ishibashi – Freaky Fugue
Solarbear – Pornogoblin
Tommy Creep – The Witch
Pixelherozero – Thrashold
Vegas Diamond – Skulljam
Matthew Joseph Payne – Zoinks!

Video recorded with BGB. Further edited with avisynth and Sony Vegas Pro.

Halloween? Easter? What’s the difference? You can get eggs any time of the year.

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