Claydr works as a MIDI keyboard that allows you to play with any instrument featured in Ableton Live. It will help you to transform your ideas into music, no matter how great or not so great your skills are: Claydr features an extremely versatile chord and scales generator and can even correct out of scale notes when linked to a MIDI hardware keyboard.

Some of Claydr’s highlights:

  • 4 rows onscreen: each one can contain a different octave and can be edited independently.
  • Each row’s settings includes functions such as Add Note, Velocity (3 different modes), Spread, Random, Hold and Blend.
  • Even more parameters can be controlled using the Claydr Shift Mode: Scale Selection (58 different options), Key mode and Chromatic mode.
  • You can record your complete performance, including each row’s settings and additional notes generated by Claydr.

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