In case you missed it, Sugar Bytes have brough Egoist to the iPad

It’s pretty awesome stuff too. You can find the original post with all the app’s details here, and also don’t forget that the app is 33% off until the 1st of December. So grab it now for $19.99 before it goes up.

Ondes MIDI controlling duophonic modular synth (video)

Ondes MIDI Quickstart (video)

Ondes : Expressive Electronic Instrument from Olympia Noise Co brings version 1.1 with loads of new features

This is another big update today. Just look at all the amazing stuff in version 1.1 …

Two extra oscillators to thicken your sound. Detune them and tell them lag behind to create a swarm effect.

Press the ‘hold’ button to sustain notes indefinitely. Play melodies over top or move the sustained notes around.

You asked for it… You can now control other synths and electronic instruments with Ondes using MIDI. Please read the instructions though — there are a few things you should know about first!

The Y Axis can now control more parameters:

  • Assign the Y Axis to control wavetable LFO rate and depth.
  • Assign the Y Axis to control filter LFO rate and depth.
  • Adjust the Y Axis to control volume from -100% to 100%

Using Ondes as an instrument in Garageband or other DAW just got easier! You can you control the play, record, and rewind buttons from right inside Ondes.

Choose between small (1.5 octave) and large (2.5 octave) range for the keyboard.

New “Scale” and “Chromatic” snapping modes.

In the mood for some modes? How about the “prometheus” scale? Choose from a bunch of pre-loaded scales or create your own. Save and reuse your custom scale types!

Put all that microtonal space to good use with alternate tuning systems. Choose from experimental and traditional tuning systems such as Just Intonation, Pythagorean, and Highland Bagpipe tuning. Create your own tunings or import & export .scala files. (Some limitations apply)

Ever feel like A440 isn’t right for you? How about A415? That’s more like it.

FM4 coming to iPad modelled on the popular 1980s Yamaha DX series

Primal Audio announced FM4, a new FM synthesizer for iPad modelled on the popular 1980s Yamaha DX series. It sounds like it could be amazing. Here’s what’s coming …

  • Four operators configurable via eight different routings
  • Three sound engines modelled on 1980s hardware units
  • Eight waveforms derived from classic FM synths
  • 2x, 3x, and 4x polyphonic unison
  • Tempo-syncable arpeggiator with up, down, up-down, and random patterns
  • Microtuning with eight different temperaments
  • Supports Inter-App Audio, background audio, and MIDI (support for Audiobus is planned)
  • Up to 24 voices of polyphony
  • Import/export presets through iTunes
  • Works on all iPads supporting iOS 7.0 and up

It’s launching in December for just $0.99 on the app store and we don’t have long to wait …

CONDUCTR | Introducing the Claydr MIDI keyboard


Claydr works as a MIDI keyboard that allows you to play with any instrument featured in Ableton Live. It will help you to transform your ideas into music, no matter how great or not so great your skills are: Claydr features an extremely versatile chord and scales generator and can even correct out of scale notes when linked to a MIDI hardware keyboard.

Some of Claydr’s highlights:

  • 4 rows onscreen: each one can contain a different octave and can be edited independently.
  • Each row’s settings includes functions such as Add Note, Velocity (3 different modes), Spread, Random, Hold and Blend.
  • Even more parameters can be controlled using the Claydr Shift Mode: Scale Selection (58 different options), Key mode and Chromatic mode.
  • You can record your complete performance, including each row’s settings and additional notes generated by Claydr.

iRig Recorder is 50% off

iRig Recorder from IK Multimedia drops in price from $7.99 to $3.99

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