Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Walkthrough 1: Overview and Design Screen (video)

Video description:

“The first walkthrough of Loopy: Masterpiece’s initial design sketches.”

White Mute Synth II are on the way …


The Build — Phase84 Envelopes and Pitch Bend (video)

Video description:

“In this week’s The Build, Louis takes a look at Phase84’s unusually flexible and uniquely visualized envelopes as well as the expressive pitch bend.”

Photos from the Elephant & Castle Maker Faire

There’s loads of photos from the E&C Maker Faire last weekend. If you didn’t make it it’ll give you a good idea of what it was like, and if you were these it’ll remind you of what an awesome day it was.

A massive Movember thank you to Mr HumbleTUNE himself!

A huge thank you to Mr HumbleTUNE for hugely generous support of my Movember efforts! Every donation counts!

So if you’re wondering what all this is about then please visit my Mobro page, here, where you can find out more!

It is a very important cause, and, I do only ask one month in the year, so at least give it some thought.

Audio Evolution Mobile 3.4.3 released

JamStik Client Testimonial: Cory Wong (video)

Video description:

“I’ve kind of always been looking for something like this” Cory says. “It has real strings and real frets. Feels like a real guitar.”

Cory Wong makes up one fourth of the jazz-fusion quartet Foreign Motion. Cory is also a music director, producer, arranger, and sideman for TV shows, ads, and a growing group of artists.

This testimonial was filmed at Essential Session Studios in St. Paul, Minnesota.”

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