TANSU Voice update arrives

TANSU Voice gets an update very quickly after it launches. Here’s what’s new:

  • Delay OFF/ON, pitch shift (Sharp Tone, 1oct down) can be controlled in Settings app.
  • Audio is available even if advertisement is opened.
  • Improved compatibility with iPhone4.
  • Fixed the pitch on default as same as knob position.

Elastic Drums Pre Release Demo for iPad and iPhone, Cool Beans (video)

OLEGTRON 4060 Jam (w/ iPad & AUFX:Space, Crystalline, Auria, etc.) #TTNM (video)

Scratch Disc (Universal) arrives and is free (with IAPs)

Actually this is pretty cool as I just got into the end of the testflight phase for it …

Take scratching performances to the extreme with superhuman turntablism. Scratch Disc provides up to 12 turntable slots to load any sound imaginable and then scratch scratch scratch it to make rhythms and effects.


  • Up to 12 spinning discs at once.
  • Over 200 sounds to scratch with.
  • Scratch with songs from your iTunes music library.
  • AudioBus and Inter-App Audio let you record your performances directly into other apps such as GarageBand, Cubasis and Loopy.


  • More sounds and projects.
  • Record yourself or other sounds and scratch with them.
  • Paste sounds from other apps.

The basic app is free, but as you can see above it has IAPs.

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