MidiPatterns is a multitrack, pattern-oriented, MIDI step sequencer. You can use it as a simple drum machine, or to handle complex multi-timbral, polyphonic scores, controlling multiple hardware and software synthesizers at once. Please note that MidiPatterns does not generate sounds by itself.


  • virtually unlimited number of polyphonic midi tracks(*) per document
  • output to multiple MIDI devices, directly connected or linked through a network
  • virtually unlimited number of patterns(*) per document, each with a size variable between 1 and 256 steps and specific time signature settings
  • each step in a track can send volume plus 8 midi controller messages
  • randomizing capabilities to improve expressiveness: notes properties (velocity, duration, probability, swing) and step controller messages can be set to change subtly and randomly during playback
  • patterns can be assembled in variable length sequences
  • imports and exports MIDI files(*)
  • MIDI clock synchronization, both as master and as slave
  • articulated mute and solo configuration
  • powerful, interactive quick help mode
  • tap tempo function
  • metronome precount and sound options
  • virtual input and output MIDI devices
  • variable score grid size

(*) The ability to manage an unlimited number of tracks, patterns and sequences and the midi file import and export feature require in-app purchases.

As mentioned it’s free, but based on a freemium model.

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