You’ve still got a week to enter the Big Phoney Remix Contest!

I’ve been meaning to post about this for days but things have been busy, so I’m at least glad that I haven’t missed it completely! So, here are the details …

Remix a track from the new album “Big Phoney” by Apptronica artist jjj with The Works for an opportunity to win cool prizes!

  • Grand Prize: $100
  • Five Runner-Ups will receive Pro App Packs for iPad featuring Steinberg’s Cubasis and Final Touch by Positive Grid
  • Top remixes will be released by Apptronica on an upcoming remix album!

More information here.

Developers wanting to maximise their twitter activity might be interested in this …

I’ve posted about this before, but in case you missed it from the first time around, twitter have released a new app called Twitter Small Business Planner, which could be of use to you. Here’s an extract from the app’s description:

“With the Twitter Small Business Planner, your business can more easily and effectively manage your activity on Twitter. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, this app offers tactical guidance just in time for the busy holiday season. You’ll find suggestions for compelling Tweets, Twitter Ads campaign strategies, and information on tools to help you measure success. You can also learn about, and register for, the Twitter events that interest you most. Armed with these resources, you can set your business up for a productive and profitable end of the year. This holiday season,”

It’s free on the app store:

In case you missed this picture …

A very rare occurence indeed as Tom Whitwell (who used to write Music Thing), Peter Kirn (CDM) and myself are all in the same place at the same time!

iOS Music and You Podcast 015: Holderness Media Interview and more

Good to see the iOS Music and You Podcast return after what has seemed like a long break. In the show this time, Holderness Media, SECTOR, and DrumJam. Find it here.

More pictures from Tuna Knobs …

Looking forward to these coming in …

Laplace 1.1 brings Audiobus and more

Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Laplace:

  • Audiobus support
  • LFO
  • Various improvements

If you don’t know this amazing synth then I have to say you’re in for a treat. Take a look and give it a try. It really is quite amazing, and in my opinion quite different from many others.

MidiPatterns sequencer arrives, and is free, or at least freemium anyway

MidiPatterns is a multitrack, pattern-oriented, MIDI step sequencer. You can use it as a simple drum machine, or to handle complex multi-timbral, polyphonic scores, controlling multiple hardware and software synthesizers at once. Please note that MidiPatterns does not generate sounds by itself.


  • virtually unlimited number of polyphonic midi tracks(*) per document
  • output to multiple MIDI devices, directly connected or linked through a network
  • virtually unlimited number of patterns(*) per document, each with a size variable between 1 and 256 steps and specific time signature settings
  • each step in a track can send volume plus 8 midi controller messages
  • randomizing capabilities to improve expressiveness: notes properties (velocity, duration, probability, swing) and step controller messages can be set to change subtly and randomly during playback
  • patterns can be assembled in variable length sequences
  • imports and exports MIDI files(*)
  • MIDI clock synchronization, both as master and as slave
  • articulated mute and solo configuration
  • powerful, interactive quick help mode
  • tap tempo function
  • metronome precount and sound options
  • virtual input and output MIDI devices
  • variable score grid size

(*) The ability to manage an unlimited number of tracks, patterns and sequences and the midi file import and export feature require in-app purchases.

As mentioned it’s free, but based on a freemium model.

Take and Figure competition winners announced

Actually these are some pretty amazing tracks and well worth a listen. Congratulations to both winners. It was very well deserved.

Phoenard : The Arduino-compatible Prototyping Gadget on Kickstarter

Phoenard looks pretty amazing as it goes. I think I might have to jump in on this one myself. Thought I should definitely share this.

If you haven’t already, then you should take a look at the London Sound Survey

I’ve posted about this before, but it really is worth revisiting as it changes regularly and is added to of course, so if you haven’t heard of or visited the London Sound Survey then this is something you really should do, and even if you have, but haven’t been to the site for a while you should take another look, especially if you have an interest in field recording or found sounds.

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