Quincy gets support for iOS 8 and Audiobus 2

Ok, it isn’t a big update, but Quincy getting support for iOS8 and AB2 is a great step for what is one of my favourite generative apps for game of life type stuff.

So I’m looking forward to using this again soon.


Korg Module coming at the end of the month, and even more good news for Gadget users!

From the Korg site …

“You can also use the high-quality KORG Module sounds inside KORG Gadget, the mobile music production app. If you have KORG Module and KORG Gadget, the five tools Salzburg, Montreal, Alexandria, Firenze, and Glasgow are added inside, allowing access the same way as KORG Gadget. These five powerful gadgets will add even more variety to your music productions, raising your music to the next level. Whether for performance or for production, both of these apps deliver ultimate sound.”

Now that’s going to be really awesome for iOS people …

Gadget on the app store: