TANSU Voice arrives and is free

I know that actually people weren’t too impressed with TANSU Synth due to some of the limitations of the app. So I was wondering about posting about TANSU Voice. However, it is free and it might be fun to play with for a while.

Here’s the app store description:

Voice changer app based on the popular character “Tansu-kun”

There are two switches which will allow you to adjust your voice to a high voice setting or a low voice setting. You can change it each time you press the nose of the Tansu-kun.
When you turn the knob on Tansu-kun’s stomach, you can also adjust the key of the sound.
Music notes pop out from the mouth of the Tansu-kun every time you talk to him.
The app has recording-playback mode (without headphone) / Real-time mode (with headphone).

TANSU Voice is a free app based on the character TANSU-KUN from the premium app “TANSU Synth”.

※”TANSU Synth” is…
An iOS app of a miniature version of the analog synthesizers as known as “TANSU” that Hideki Matsutake (LOGIC SYSTEM) is famous for manipulating.

You can play by converting your voice to Tansu-kun’s voice with the Voice Changer feature.

If you collect the notes that come out from Tansu-kun’s mouth, good things will surely happen!

*Whether you know Tansu-kun or not, you will be surely addicted to this cute and quirky little Tansu-kun!

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