SpringSound 1.1 is big …

This 1.1 version of SpringSound brings an important set a functional and technical enhancements.

Main functional new features are:

  • Addition of IAA (Inter App audio) Transport User Interface
  • Important final audio stage improvement (less aliasing and better saturation control) and numerous audio improvements
  • Factory presets update (addition and optimisation)
  • Addition of a saturation indicator (on the global level knob)
  • Addition od a modulation stability control
  • Addition of a mail exchange feature, and IOS recognition of SpringSoud presets (received SpringSound presets will directly open the app via Open In)
  • Realtime controls smoothing (pitch and modulation)

Haken Continuum Remote:

  • Quicker preset access
  • Additional of a User Preset Save feature for the Haken Continuum Remote
  • UI improvements and speedup

Main technical new features are:

  • generated with IOS8.1 SDK (but still IOS 7 compatible)
  • updated Audiobus SDK (2.1.5)
  • updated TAAE (The Amazing Audio Engine) SDK (1.4.5)
  • minor bug fixes

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