Himo Hinusa – Original Live Figure Song by ZLK (video)

Video description:

“Woah, I told you I would upload another thing! Here is a thing I did LIVE in front of your EYES.

Recorded using Audiobus and Garageband, music app used is Figure by Propellerhead. Filmed and edited on an iPad Mini Retina using iMovie (if that really matters).”

Figure on the app store:

SpringSound Synthesis 1 (video)

TANSU Voice arrives and is free

I know that actually people weren’t too impressed with TANSU Synth due to some of the limitations of the app. So I was wondering about posting about TANSU Voice. However, it is free and it might be fun to play with for a while.

Here’s the app store description:

Voice changer app based on the popular character “Tansu-kun”

There are two switches which will allow you to adjust your voice to a high voice setting or a low voice setting. You can change it each time you press the nose of the Tansu-kun.
When you turn the knob on Tansu-kun’s stomach, you can also adjust the key of the sound.
Music notes pop out from the mouth of the Tansu-kun every time you talk to him.
The app has recording-playback mode (without headphone) / Real-time mode (with headphone).

TANSU Voice is a free app based on the character TANSU-KUN from the premium app “TANSU Synth”.

※”TANSU Synth” is…
An iOS app of a miniature version of the analog synthesizers as known as “TANSU” that Hideki Matsutake (LOGIC SYSTEM) is famous for manipulating.

You can play by converting your voice to Tansu-kun’s voice with the Voice Changer feature.

If you collect the notes that come out from Tansu-kun’s mouth, good things will surely happen!

*Whether you know Tansu-kun or not, you will be surely addicted to this cute and quirky little Tansu-kun!

SpringSound 1.1 is big …

This 1.1 version of SpringSound brings an important set a functional and technical enhancements.

Main functional new features are:

  • Addition of IAA (Inter App audio) Transport User Interface
  • Important final audio stage improvement (less aliasing and better saturation control) and numerous audio improvements
  • Factory presets update (addition and optimisation)
  • Addition of a saturation indicator (on the global level knob)
  • Addition od a modulation stability control
  • Addition of a mail exchange feature, and IOS recognition of SpringSoud presets (received SpringSound presets will directly open the app via Open In)
  • Realtime controls smoothing (pitch and modulation)

Haken Continuum Remote:

  • Quicker preset access
  • Additional of a User Preset Save feature for the Haken Continuum Remote
  • UI improvements and speedup

Main technical new features are:

  • generated with IOS8.1 SDK (but still IOS 7 compatible)
  • updated Audiobus SDK (2.1.5)
  • updated TAAE (The Amazing Audio Engine) SDK (1.4.5)
  • minor bug fixes

SpectrumGen also gets a decent update

Again, the first update to SpectrumGen since September last year. In this update …

  • Audiobus support on iOS8;
  • IAA support (partially).

But this is a great little app and also it’s still only $0.99, so well worth getting if you don’t know it.

PixelWave gets its first update in over a year

It’s good to see PixelWave get updated after a very long time. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus support on iOS8;
  • IAA support (partially).

Mogees081014 (video)

HarmonyWiz update

Here’s what’s new with HarmonyWiz:

  • Built for iOS 8
  • Updated third party libraries including AudioBus
  • Menu option to toggle Auto-Fix in Settings menu
  • Bug fixes

Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 unboxed and built (video)

Video description:

“How hard is it to assemble Moog’s new kit synth, the Werkstatt-Ø1? Not very – as we demonstrate in the video above.”

Lemur arrives on Android

Following Lemur’s 10th birthday, Liine is proud to announce Lemur on Android. Lemur, the world’s best MIDI/OSC controller app, is immediately available on Google Play.

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