Echo Pad 1.8.5 – New Features (video)

(PV)Sinking Feeling – Last Rights (video)

CHAiOS Synth gets AB2

Nice to see an update for CHAiOS Synth after quite a while now. Not a huge update, but the app is still free, so worth a look if you don’t know it already. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved iOS8-support
  • Added Audiobus2-support
  • Minor bug-fixes

Nova Musik – Focusrite iTrack Pocket with Paul Heyerdahl (video)

SampleTank for iPad THE GRID add on pack Special (video)

e-l-s-a and nils on sale for Movember (don’t forget to support that too)

That’s right, these two great apps are supporting Movember for this week. e-l-s-a and nils are 50% off for this week only, and proceeds go to Movember. It’s a great cause, so if you don’t have these, grab for just $0.99 each and support Movember as well.

The Build — Phase84 Effects (video)

Video description:

“In this episode of The Build, we check out Phase84’s stereo delay effect and overdriven multi-slope filter. These powerful effects open up a whole new dimension of sonic possibilities!”

9 Tips on using the Randomizer in SeekBeats (video)

Echo Pad 1.8.5 brings interesting new features …

Here’s what’s new with Echo Pad

  • Delay ducking! Delay trails can now be automatically “ducked” down in volume while input signal is being received, similar to side chain compression.
  • Located in the Delay Tweak menu, adjust Duck Sensitivity and Duck Release time to fine tune the delay ducking.
  • Gated feedback! Feedback can now be controlled in the same manner as ducking. Enable gated feedback by tapping the Gated button located next to Feedback in the Delay Tweak panel.
  • Bluetooth MIDI setup (iOS 8 only)
  • Tap Tempo and FX Hold buttons now controllable via MIDI
  • update Audiobus SDK to v2.1.5
  • bugfixes

B-Step Sequencer 2 – iPad version (video)

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