Propellerhead Take competition closing very soon!

You’ve only got a few short days left to get into the Propellerhead Take competition! It closes on the

If you don’t have Figure and Take, then ask yourself why you don’t, and get them.

Figure on the app store:

Take on the app store:

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – Cassini (video)

Apps World expo and conference is this week

The Apps World expo and conference is only a couple of days away now. I’m planning to be there, so you’ll be hearing about it if you can’t make it.

However, if you are going to be there, do say hi!

App Preview of mi.1 connect (video)

App Preview of mi.1 connect from QUICCO SOUND on Vimeo.

Well actually the app has arrived already, it’s here. Also I’m sort of annoyed with myself that I didn’t get an mi.1 when I had the opportunity, so I might have to get one now I think.

iOS Music and You round up

I didn’t have time for my round up at the weekend, so you might want to check out Chip’s version, which you can find here.

Arturia iSEM with iMIDIPatchbay (video)

Video description:

“This video shows how to use a section in iMIDIPatchbay to send MIDI data to Arturia iSEM’s virtual MIDI port”

Arturia iSEM and iMIDIPatchbay.

Don’t forget … both e-l-s-a and nils are on sale this week to support Movember!

Yep, two great apps supporting Movember this week. e-l-s-a and nils are 50% off for this week only, and proceeds go to Movember. It’s a great cause, so if you don’t have these, grab for just $0.99 each and support Movember as well. Easy right?

KORG Gadget + nano KONTROL “Sinewy Forward” (video)

KORG Gadget + nano KONTROL "Sinewy Forward" (video)

Using iGrand Piano with iMIDIPatchbay (video)

iGrand Piano for iPad on the app store:

iMIDIPatchbay on the app store:

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