Uploaded with AudioShare app – This composition was created using 7 patches that I created/modified from my Novation Mini Nova. The only track that is not from the Nova is the arp that starts at about 1:30 and that is from my Korg MicroKorg. I used my iPad mini2 to record the audio from the keyboard using the Behringher UCA-222 audio interface and the lightning to USB Adapter by Apple into Auria. I then used Fab Pro Q and the PSP MicroWarmer on the main out. After I mixed it down I sent it to Final Touch Pro by Positive Grid and tweaked a Mastering preset. It then was sent to AudioShare where I normalized the track and finally uploaded from AudioShare into SoundCloud. I hope you like it. It was inspired by something that the electronic pioneer Laurie Spiegel said in a recent interview and I’m paraphrasing: that music today is mostly from young people processing music that’s been done already and remixing it or basically regurgitating it but that she likes to go from the inside out and think and feel the music and create that way. I feel very similarly….

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