Notion 1.3 brings lots of new things

I think it’s the first really big update I’ve seen for Notion in a long time. Here’s what’s new:

New features

  • Real time record from on-screen piano, fretboard and drumpad
  • Ability to turn autoscroll on or off when entering notes
  • Drag score objects (e.g. dynamics)
  • Swap articulations from above to below staff
  • Cross-staff beaming
  • Export all parts to pdf
  • Add Capo feature
  • Align Chords
  • Stemless rhythm slashes
  • Hide/unhide stems
  • Cautionary key and clef
  • Select and paste in/out individual voices
  • Show voice colors
  • Select lyrics for a region
  • New languages: German and Japanese
  • More Export options
  • Restore All Purchases button added
  • Instruments add to score in normal score order


  • Expansion sounds visible when not connected to network
  • Instrument technique boxes re-positioned
  • Instrument order retained from imported scores
  • Backup of scores when syncing with iTunes
  • New server for Purchased Sounds for faster downloads
  • Various improvements to multi-measure rests
  • Concert Toms: name now displaying and sounds playing back
  • In-app purchase sounds retained on device*

*NB You may need to restore sounds for this version one final time – for future versions these should then stay on the device (unless you are restoring the iPad, or you have deleted Notion)

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