MIDI LE updated with MIDI over BLE

Here’s what’s new in MIDI LE:

  • UI Overhaul
  • Added Client functionality (iOS to iOS Bluetooth LE MIDI)
  • Added Background Timer (App will suspend after a given time)

haQ VLog #3 FREE Troll Samples [haQ paQ]


In this VLog I am talking about some upcoming stuff and I am also giving away some samples!

Troll samples blog post:

My blog site:

You can now support my my work on Patreon!

Mute Synth II

Away With Words – Sinking Feeling – KORG Gadget (video)

Artist: Sinking Feeling
Song: Away With Words

Made with KORG Gadget

In case you missed it, catch up on what happened last week …

So if you missed it you can find the round up from last week right here.

Fiddlewax Pro – 10 Minute Improv Track (video)

So G-Stomper has a new looking coming according to Musical Android

Musical Android posts this and other images of the new look for G-Stomper. I think it looks great and it’ll be a big improvement from the previous design in my opinion.

Fingertip MIDI – Overview (video)

So this is coming at the weekend …


Get Auxy updates via email

It’s probably worth getting Auxy updates via email as I think that they’re going to do some great stuff with this app. So sign up here.

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