A little Auxy track from me

It’s a great little app, and very easy to use, and of course, free!

What’s coming to Ondes 1.1 …

Olympia Noise Co posts details of Ondes 1.1 and Swarm Oscilators. Sounds pretty good, I’m looking forward to seeing that.

The Cold & Lovely: On Tour with IK Multimedia (video)

Audio Evolution Mobile 3.4.0 released

FlexyDrum Overview (video)

LF1 Monosynth update brings MIDI and more

Here’s what’s new in LF1 Monosynth:

  • New improved audio engine!
  • Improved support for iPad 2 and 3
  • Inter-App Audio Support
  • MIDI Support
  • Keyboard Shift & Pitch bend wheel range options

The Flying Haggis Meets The Microbrute (video)

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