I wish I could afford one of these, but at $540 (£340) on eBay currently I don’t think it is for me. However, I did think there might be someone out there who would be interested to see this synth.

“Excellent condition. This unit has been in storage for decades, it is in great cosmetic and working condition.

Production began in late 1980. And I believe the the serial number indicates that this was the 15th unit produced.

This small single oscillator synthesizer was built by Chris Hugget’s company Electronic Dream Plant and is essentially a scaled down version of the infamous ‘wasp’. Just like its bigger brother, it is battery operable and features a plastic housing with built-in speaker 1/4″ output and capacitative keypad and can be modified for MIDI compatibility.

No one should be fooled by the gnat’s tiny sounding name, physical size or feature list. It packs a very impressive sound, the filter sounds great and envelopes, lfo and noise give some remarkable possibilities. most impressive when hearing it for the first time is probably the incredible fatness of that pwm-wave, it just blasts off. generally, the gnat is suited very well to produce fat and deep bass sounds, it goes down low indeed, also the filter helps generate nice sequencer lines or monophonic blips.”

EDP Gnat Synthesizer on eBay

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