Teenage Engineering PO-12 Drum Machine / Yamaha TG-100 Demo by Jordan Passmore (video)

Lemur Canvas Learning Pack

There’s some really cool stuff in there if you’re interested in learning about Lemur and the canvas object. Well worth looking into if you ask me.

Yay! Mogees are shipping now!

Looking forward to getting mine soon.

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – E-Theremin MKII

Auxy a 100% Free Groove Sequencer for iPad (video)

Mute Synth by Dirty Electronics on eBay

These are fairly rare these days. I was having a look for one as I’ve just pre-ordered a Mute Synth 2. The price on this isn’t bad though at £85.

Mute Synth (I) by Dirty Electronics on eBay

SYNC: Korg Volca Bass + Roland Tr808 + Tb303 (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

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