WERKSTATT | LFO Quantizer (video)

Video description:

“Do you want to wobble? Are you all about that bass? Do you want to add face melting to your resume? This mod is for you. Using the Arduino and some code we can create an LFO rate quantizer to sync our keyboard notes to LFO rate settings at a specific tempo.

Find more mods and tutorials at werkstattworkshop.com

WERKSTATT | 2nd Oscillator (video)

apeFilter demo and Tutorial for iPad, Amazing Filter and EQ (video)

Introducing BIAS Desktop (video)

Video description:

BIAS Desktop is an audio plug-in (AAX/AU/VST) for Mac OS X and Windows, and it’s all about guitar tone.

Instead of providing a fixed number of amp models, BIAS Desktop represents an entire new concept: you can virtually design your own amps, match any tube amplifiers, and share or download thousands of amp models from ToneCloud. It’s designed for studio recording and you can sync with BIAS Mobile and take it to a gig.

BIAS Desktop has the most advanced tube sound engine, its simple interface makes it possible to go deeper to pursue the tones you have envisioned, and Amp Matching Technology allows you to capture your golden tube amplifier, and finally you can share and download amp models from ToneCloud, just like Spotify for amps.


HumbleTune announces chord, for GameBoy!

Chord is synth program for the original nintendo gameboy. The idea was to make something that can be played like an instrument, but with the limitations of the few buttons available. No extra accessories. No midi keyboards.

You build “chords” of five notes and play them back using the pulsewave channel, with full sound register settings control and optional arpeggiator.

So Retronyms are getting into the hardware market … Introducing Wej

Well it seems that Retronyms are getting themselves into the hardware business with the new Wej device. Wej combines a non-skid silicone base for creative work with a wireless hub for connecting USB controllers over bluetooth.

Wej needs you! Help support Wej by pre-ordering yours and get 20% off. Get Wej for just $99.00 through November 7th. http://preorder.retronyms.com

B-Step 2 is going to be released on the 24th of October


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