haQ attaQ – "Troll DUB" – feat. Echo Pad, Figure, Yellofier.. (video)

Thanks to everyone who joined in this discussion about Wej

I’m not sure if Retronyms will see this, but if they do, then they really need to read ALL of the comments in this thread on the iPad Musicians’ Facebook group. There’s some great feedback on Wej and what people really want from this kind of device.

KORG volca – Baby’s on Fire (DENKI GROOVE) (video)

Only about a fortnight until the London Mini Maker Faire at Elephant and Castle

In just over a fortnight it’ll be the London Mini Maker Faire at Elephant and Castle. Tickets are still available, and it is bound to be a great event.

I was at last year’s event, which was the first year that it ran and it was excellent. Anyway, full details plus tickets etc here.

Korg Kronos Tutorial 19: using IPAD Nave and PPG Wavegenerator (video)

Video description:

“This tutorial shows how to connect an ipad to the korg kronos (starts at 08:30), furthermore the ipad synth apps: NAVE and PPG Wavegenerator are shown including adding the korg kronos hardware knobs to NAVE to control the ipad synth through the korg kronos.”

In case you missed the round up from last Sunday …

You can find the last round up on this link. Or if you’d like to find all of them just click on the “round up” tag to get all of them in one go.

DMT 206: Pandora’s AMP, Deezer & Stitcher, iTunes downloads, TIDAL, ECJ, Taylor Swift’s 1989

MINT.io gets updated, but is it Amidio anymore?

MINT.io gets updated with Audiobus 2, improved UI, and an advanced sequence pattern randomizer, but, it isn’t listed as Amidio anymore. Now the developer is listed as Eric Elfner, although strangely in my iTunes it comes up as Amidio again.

korg volca sample session 4 (sample+beats) (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

AudioPocket for volca sample arrives on the app store

AudioPocket for volca sample arrives. Korg does it again …

Send sample data directly from your iPhone to your volca sample!

AudioPocket enables you to program your volca sample memory with audio samples from the following:

  • The app. Record on-the-spot with the app, where you can preview, trim and normalize your impromptu sample recording.
  • Your computer. Using iTunes File Sharing, just drag and drop into “AudioPocket documents”
  • Factory presets. Choose from a library sound-designed by KORG.

Compatible audio files:
“aif”, “aiff”, “wav”, “mp3”, “caf”, “aac”, “m4a”

What is volca sample?
The volca sample is a sample sequencer that lets you edit and sequence up to 100 sampled sounds in real-time for commanding live performances. It’s powerful on its own or as an addition to any existing volca setup. The volca sample lets you recapture the excitement of the first generation of samplers where any sound – vocals, spoken words, ambient sound, or glitches – can be used for your creations!

See more at:


  • ● To use AudioPocket with the volca sample, the operating system for the volca sample must be “System Version 1.20 or later.
  • ● You will need a stereo mini jack cable to connect your iPhone to your volca sample.

Of course, the app is free.

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