Auxy arrives bringing uncomplicated beat making to your iPad

It’s great to see Auxy out in the world at last. I’ve been playing with the app in beta for a long time and I really like just how simple, straightforward and uncluttered the interface is.

It’s a really great way to make music.

So here’s what you need to know about Auxy …

Introducing a new way to make electronic music. Create your own drums, bass lines, and synth melodies. Auxy is modern beat making without distractions.

Auxy introduces a new way to make modern music on iPad. With a clean interface, stripped of unnecessary complexity, it encourages users to dive straight into the creative process and explore modern beat making without distraction. With Auxy you create drums, bass lines and melody loops by drawing notes instead of recording instruments in real time. Loops can then be mixed and recorded to create your own beats.

”Creating modern music should be more about music and less about technology” says Henrik Lenberg, co­-founder and CEO of Auxy. With co-­founder Fredrik Gadnell, he wants to get more people involved in creating modern music styles like EDM, house, and hip hop. “A lot of people would love to make modern music but feel it’s too complicated to get started. Our app removes technical barriers to give everyone a better experience.”

“We were really tired of ‘spreadsheet music making’—where creation feels more like work and complicated tools turn creativity into frustration. Auxy is about making more with less. It’s amazing to see how creative people get when you simplify the experience.”

Let us know what you think via or @auxyco

Auxy is free to download from the app store:

AlitSpace, Master FX, Audio Mastering and Master Record all still on sale

AltiSpace is still on sale at $3.99, as is Master FX for $5.99, Audio Mastering at $6.99, and Master Record at $2.99.

Grab a bargain!

rsTouch Pro For Reason, Setting Up and Getting Started for iPad (video)

Don’t blame me for point this out to you … Lo-Fi SES: Hackable 8-bit chiptunes instrument

Because someone told me about it (yes, you know who you are) so I felt compelled to share it!

Surface Induction Element | Harmonic Beta test of Mogees (video)

Surface Induction Element | Harmonic Beta test of Mogees from A Box in The Sea on Vimeo.

Still waiting for mine, but it does look amazing.

The mobile motion film festival is funded but there’s still a tiny bit of time to help them out

It’s funded and only has an hour or so before it closes so you can still help them if you’d like to.

Audulus 2.9 arrives

Video description:

Audulus 2.9 features improvements to contextual UI!
Audulus 2.9 upgrades include:

  • Non-Modal context menu on iPad. The menu won’t interfere with turning a knob.
  • Reduced memory usage for making huge patches.
  • Updated AudioBus
  • Improved AudioUnit support on Mac
  • By user request: add a Toggle option for the Trigger node.

Audulus for iOS on the app store:

Audulus for Mac on the Mac App store:

Figure, Montribe and SyncKontrol Tutorial for iPad (video)

Next version of Musix Pro on the way

birdStepper Audiobus fix coming

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