KORG MIKU STOMP〜千本桜 (video)

Sugar Bytes halloween sale continues with 50% off Thesys, Turnado, Wow Filterbox and Effectrix

All of these are excellent effects apps to have in your iDevice, so well worth grabbing them whilst they’re on sale for halloween at 50% off.

Wombat Soundpack (Week 6) (video)

Video description:

“This week I used a randomizer on a couple of the drum pads to give the soundpack a constant motion. I also created a sound that we’ll call the whompblap, that’s the center of the sound pack. And, if you have a Midi Fighter 3D, there’s a couple of FX mapped to the CCs as a bonus. This is my favorite that I’ve made so far, so, have fun with it! -Alex


FREE DOWNLOAD (Ableton Project File, Traktor Remix Kit & WAVs Folder all in one zip file)

Back in 2006: Computer music feature on mobile

This was a real first back in 2006. Of course now all the magazines have regular features on mobile apps, but back then it was a bit of an oddity and of course there wasn’t a huge amount to talk about either. Read the original post from 2006 here.
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