KORG volca sample:first session (video)

Studio Amplify are now on Instagram

So if you are you might want to follow them as these are pretty awesome guys! You can find them here.

Yay! The littleBits new synth bits will be here before the holidays!

They were promised a long time ago and now littleBits say that they’ll be ready to order before the holidays!

I think that these bits, more than any of the others that littleBits have created are going to make the synth kit really come to life. Adding MIDI, CV and audio IO will make a massive difference to using these little devices for sound and music.

Personally, I’m really looking forward getting my hands on these.

Earhoof is at its lowest price to date

I posted this on Saturday, but in case you missed it, Earhoof has dropped to its lowest price so far.

It was previously at $4.99 and has dropped down to $1.99 now. So it’s a real bargain for now.

What’s your workflow?

Everyone has a different workflow and a different way of working and getting the sounds you want. So what’s yours? How about sharing it and explaining why it works for you? Just get in touch (check the ‘about’ page) and tell me all about your workflow.

I had forgotten that I had this on Bandcamp


So I thought I’d share it again, just in case you hadn’t heard it before.

guitarism (pocket acoustic & electric guitar) goes all inclusive for one price

guitarism – pocket acoustic & electric guitar has dropped all the previous IAPs and is now available for one single price of $4.99. Here’s the details of the update:

“Guitarism is now an all-inclusive app – no more indivdiual IAPs. All existing Guitarism users have been auto-upgraded to include all guitars, effects and Quadroplay MIDI Out functionality!”

Additional changes:

  • Boosted volume of muted notes for a more percussive sound
  • Enabled strumming / picking with up to 10 fingers (iPad only)
  • Fixed issue with saving “Rotate Screen” setting on iPad
  • Fixed issue with red / blue electric skins not switching correctly

Stereo Designer Settings Tutorial (video)

Stereo Designer 1.2 comes in line with the other Holderness Media apps

Stereo Designer comes into line with the other apps from Holderness Media. Here’s what’s new …


  • Receive MIDI over Bluetooth LE (*requires iOS 8, located in Settings screen)
  • Adjustable latency (located in Settings screen)
  • Clear MIDI Learn settings button (located in Settings screen)
  • update to Audiobus SDK 2.1.4
  • minor bugfixes for iOS 8

New version of birdStepper on the way

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