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Waveband is trying to help people with disabilities express themselves through music

Which is an excellent aim in my view. Here’s what the app is trying to do …

Waveband lets people with a wide range of disabilities express themselves musically through movement. By moving an Apple device, users convert motion into the sound of their choice of musical instrument. Users can roll, pitch or turn the device to play a piano scale, shake the device to play a tambourine, and so on. Waveband is completely customizable to ensure that each user’s ability to move can be used to best advantage.

Waveband is designed to be used by anyone who wants to express themselves musically through motion with their iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad). When used in conjunction with a strap to secure the device to the body, the app can be especially useful to people who have disabilities that prevent them from playing traditional musical instruments.

For example, a client who has some control over his arms could have an iPod Touch attached to his arm with a runner’s strap. When the client moves his arm sideways, the device plays a pre-selected scale across several octaves, sounding just like a banjo. Another client with extremely limited control over her movements could even have a device attached to her power chair so that the movement of the chair activates the sound of a piano. A client who experiences spasticity might love to control the tambourine or drums.


  • a wide selection of sounds 

  • completely customizable 

  • multiple people can play simultaneously on a network

  • compatible with applications such as GarageBand through MIDI output

Clients and their music therapist (or caregiver) can choose: from among 30 instruments; the base key; the scale type; and the type and intensity of movement that will activate the notes. They can change any of these options at any time. In addition, the app includes features for more advanced users, such as MIDI output over WiFi.

To report a problem with the app, or to make a suggestion about the future development of Waveband, please email appsupport@canassist.ca

CanAssist at the University of Victoria is dedicated to developing customized technologies for people with disabilities. While most CanAssist programs focus on clients in British Columbia, Canada, CanAssist has recently begun making its assistive software technologies more widely available.

And the app is free.

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Roland PMA-5 on eBay

The Roland PMA-5 is like one of those evolutionary steps towards mobile music, and I love it for that reason. Not that I use mine much, but I’m glad to have a little bit of history nevertheless.

This one looks quite nice on eBay, and currently is going for a reasonable price too.

Roland PMA-5 on eBay

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Tape OP reviews the iVCS3

It’s one of those difficult synths, although in my opinion it’s awesome. You can read the review from Tape OP here.

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haQ attaQ – Made in Sweden! (video)

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Synthtopia asks …

A good question in my view, so, where are all of these desktop class music apps, and perhaps more importantly, who’s going to make them?

Read the piece over at Synthtopia anyway.

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Less than 3 days left to help out the mobile motion film festival


It’s good to see that this is now funded, but there’s almost 3 days left, so you can still give them a little boost if you want to.


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Audulus 2.9 is coming

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Reminder: Apps World expo and conference

The Apps World expo and conference isn’t far away now. This is probably mainly of interest to UK based developers I would imagine, but you might want to just have a look at what’s on in the expo, which is free to attend, and you can find a link to on the Palm Sounds home page. It’s right at the top on the right so you can’t miss it.

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buchla bongo: endorphines + orphion (video)

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Mr HaQ posts HaQ encounters of the third kind

Some more goodness from Mr HaQ right here.

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