Tape OP reviews the iVCS3

It’s one of those difficult synths, although in my opinion it’s awesome. You can read the review from Tape OP here.

haQ attaQ – Made in Sweden! (video)

Synthtopia asks …

A good question in my view, so, where are all of these desktop class music apps, and perhaps more importantly, who’s going to make them?

Read the piece over at Synthtopia anyway.

Less than 3 days left to help out the mobile motion film festival


It’s good to see that this is now funded, but there’s almost 3 days left, so you can still give them a little boost if you want to.


Audulus 2.9 is coming

Reminder: Apps World expo and conference

The Apps World expo and conference isn’t far away now. This is probably mainly of interest to UK based developers I would imagine, but you might want to just have a look at what’s on in the expo, which is free to attend, and you can find a link to on the Palm Sounds home page. It’s right at the top on the right so you can’t miss it.

buchla bongo: endorphines + orphion (video)

Mr HaQ posts HaQ encounters of the third kind

Some more goodness from Mr HaQ right here.

Stylophone S2 – CUCKOO Jam (video)

Interesting to see this given this news.

Music Hackspace ContainerVille Competition (video)

So, if you can, please try and support the Music Hack Space containerville competition entry by liking their video on facebook.

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