It’s been a while again since the last round up of news, so here’s a big one to keep you going

Yep, I know it’s been a while since the last one of these, but never mind. Here’s a massive round up of all the highlights as I see them from the 6th of October onwards. I’m sure there will have been a few bits and pieces you’ve missed.

6th October:

  • Tim from Discchord shows us Arturia’s iProphet in his ‘let’s play‘ series of videos
  • Sequential reduces its CPU load in the latest update
  • You might have missed this, but Samsung have released a Pro Audio SDK for their Android devices 
  • The Music Production Expo (London) has a great line up of seminars coming, no actual details as yet, but the list of companies is pretty good
  • Here’s my thoughts on pricing after the Music App Blog talks about pricing of mobile apps

7th October:

  • Amidio release the first update to an app in a very long time, nothing since, but at least they’re still around
  • I’m really looking forward to WEJAAM’s WR6000, here’s a bit more of what’s coming
  • Not long to wait for this either …
  • And more of WR6000
  • Retronyms are entering the hardware market, hopefully anyway
  • HumbleTune announces Chord for GameBoy
  • I ask where the next big innovation is coming from in mobile music

8th October:

9th October:

10th October:

13th October:

14th October:

15th October:

16th October:

17th October:

20th October:

21st October:

22nd October:

23rd October:

24th October:

So, that was a big round up right! Loads of good things in there that you may have missed before. I’m sure that there’ll be even more mobile goodness next week. See you tomorrow morning.

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