Crystalline 1.2 arrived today, here are Duck Delay/Reverb Audio Examples (video)

Not too long to wait now I hope

Sonik Synth Mobile Edition sound collection for SampleTank iOS (video)

WretchUp is here!

WretchUp for iOS arrives!

An effect instrument anyone can play, from Mouse on Mars

It’s sonic anarchy in the palm of your hand.

WretchUp is the sonic instrument from the imagination of Mouse on Mars Instruments. Used by the duo in their live performances, it’s a playable effect inspired by analog hardware. Sing into it, speak into it, plug in an instrument, sample sounds, and then make sonic mayhem.

It’s been tested in Mouse on Mars’ live shows and used in studio albums. But now it’s available to anyone – whether you’re a musician wanting to create unique sounds or you just want to make some wild noises and frighten friends and enemies.


  • Pitch-shifted delay with feedback and filter
  • Unique controls, designed to be used in live performance and tested onstage
  • Play with gestures, even without looking closely at the screen
  • Record vocals or instruments from the built-in mic or another input
  • Sample loops and change their speed
  • Adjust the feedback loop, pitch, and filter for unique sounds
  • Make inputs by holding down your finger, or lock input for continuous sampling

Features artwork by Rupert Smyth. Pure Data-based, open source patch created by Florian Grote and Peter Kirn with Mouse on Mars. App design by Oliver Greschke. Powered by free and open source software libpd.

Note: like all mic-based effects, you need to enable microphone input. If you accidentally did not allow mic input, you can allow later via: Device settings, WretchUp, Data settings, Microphone, allow mic input.

WretchUp costs $3.99 on the app store, but is going out to backers over the next few days.

Loop Drummer 2 – Your personal session drummer inside AmpliTube (video)

Mike Green – Behind the Scenes and Uncut – First impressions with jamstik (video)

Flipboard computer music magazine available

I’ve posted about this before, but in case you missed it, you can find it here. Well worth a look if you’re a flipboard user.

DMT 205: Maverick,, AT&T & Beats, Spotify Family, Twitter Audio Cards, 300

Music Tech Fest Berlin starts tomorrow, but there are still tickets available for the hack

And if it’s anything like as good as the one in London it’ll be amazing. You can get tickets here.

C.24 Keyboard Calibration (very short video)

C.24 Keyboard Calibration from Miselu on Vimeo.

“A quick video showing calibration of the C.24 keyboard’s white keys.”

Still waiting for mine. I hope it doesn’t take too much longer now.

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