SunVox 1.8 is in beta

Here’s what’s in the beta:

  • audio engine has been switched to 32bit (Floating Point) mode on Android and iOS devices (except the slow devices without FPU);
  • other than 44100 sampling rate support for iOS and Android (only if the audio hardware supports it);
  • new Module View (Routing) functions: Zoom (with multitouch support), Snap to Grid;
  • MetaModule: EDIT button has been added; now you can edit MetaModules without annoying Loading/Saving;
  • MetaModule: additional options: Arpeggiator (change the pitch of internal MetaModule patterns), Apply velocity to song;
  • Sampler: the following options have been added: Record on play (use it if you want to record in sync with the PLAY button), Record in mono, Record with reduced sample rate, Record in 16bit;
  • SpectraVoice improvements: auto render, additional sample size, new band types (random, triangle1, triangle2, overtones1, overtones2, overtones3, overtones4);
  • Sound2Ctl: “Record Values” option has been added; now all values from this module can be recorded alongside with the other SunVox events (notes, Theremin, etc.);
  • offset commands (effect codes 09 and 07) support has been added to the following modules: Generator, Analog Generator;
  • MultiSynth: new controller “Random phase” has been added; for example, with this option you can play the Sampler’s notes from the random position;
  • MultiSynth: new controller “Random velocity” has been added;
  • Analog Generator: new option “Filter freq. scaling per key (reverse)”;
  • Analog Generator: new controller “Noise” – amount of the white noise;
  • new pattern command: Previous Track (displayed as < Timeline -> Show timeline (always show Timeline on the screen);
  • new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + F9 – record start/stop;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): SHIFT + [ – transpose octave down;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): SHIFT + ] – transpose octave up;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + m – paste and mix;
  • new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): SHIFT + k – insert the “Previous Track” special command;
  • new simple song examples: spectravoice2, metamodule_arpeggiator, metamodule_arpeggiator2, std_effect_multitrack, std_effect_multitrack2, std_effect_multitrack3;
  • new song examples: alchemy_masters, full_moon_night;
  • bugs fixed;
  • more in the final release…

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