Stranger (Chillout/Ambient) – Made in Caustic (video)


LH Grain Pad arrives (which is LH Grain for the iPad basically)

LH Grain Pad is in effect just an iPad version of LH Grain.

The app’s description is pretty simple (and almost identical to the iPhone version). Here it is:

LH Grain is a two channels synthesiser for iOS 6.0 or later. Generates granular synthesis textures. OSC message support .

  • Samples location control.
  • Grain waveform selector.
  • Trends keyboard.
  • Frequency jitter.
  • Grain duration control.
  • Density of grains control.
  • OSC send and receive.


Mikrowave – sequenced synthesizer for Android version 2.1 (video)

Video description:

“Mikrowave version 2.1 (all ready for Android Lollipop!) being put through its paces showing how all the processors work to subtly sculpt the sound, or how to quickly slide into complete and utter aural mayhem.

Mikrowave is also available for free (no ads!) and fully functional, apart form being able to save your songs and export them to MIDI.”