Audio Evolution Mobile 3.3.5 released (Android)


Vandelay multiband echo device arrives

Vandelay is a new app from the maker of SquashIt multiband distortion and SyncMix. Here’s what to expect …

Vandelay provides three separate delays in as many frequency regions. Each delay has an LFO that modulates the pitch of the audio stream. Together with tempo based delay times and feedback control you can create a very rich sound from almost any source. Sporting a clever, responsive and intuitive user interface, Vandelay is easily controlled and you will almost certainly get the hang out of it in minutes.

The app comes with 20 presets for inspiration.


  • Full Audiobus 2 compatibility including state saving.
  • Inter App Audio (IAA) compatible.
  • Unique pitch modulation.
  • Delay times are tempo based and can be quantized using the snap function.
  • All parameters are visible and editable in one screen, wrapped in an intuitive user interface.
  • Load / Save presets

Mixing is an art. Vandelay is developed by musicians for musicians.

Vandelay costs $2.99 on the app store:

E Theremin MKII New Update Video Now With Audiobus and IAA (video)

Modulares Interface (modular case for iPad)

Modulares Interface from Florian Born on Vimeo.

What a lovely idea for a project. I can’t see this being a big retail seller, but it does look wonderful.

csSpectral is now on the bus

csSpectral is updated. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus approved!
  • iTunes file sharing allows adding impulses for convolution, or backing up audio files & presets.
  • Added missing graphics, fixed bugs.

So, iOS 8.1 is arriving later …

Will you upgrade straight away? Apple Pay should be there, and the camera roll is coming back, which I’m really looking forward to. Let’s hope it fixes a lot of the issues that we’ve all been having with 8.

n-Track (Android) now compatible with 5.0 Lollipop


What’s new? Here you go …

  • initial compatibility with Android L
  • share song project (for use on n-Track for Desktop or iOS, or for backup purposes)
  • improved latency compensation
  • various bug fixes

QUICCO SOUND mi.1’s starting to show up

Interesting to see how people use these in the wild.

Volca and Monotribe 10 19 2014 (video)

PanzerLyu – Basildon 83 (Korg MicroKORG – Volca Bass – Arturia Microbrute – Boss RC-505) (video)

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