Arturia iProphet Synthesizer App Review – Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 89 (video)


Lemur 5.2 arrives

Lemur gets fixed in a really big way. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed file system access on iOS 8
  • Fixed On MIDI scripts receive messages from Parent/Project MIDI Targets
  • Fixed templates loading with mismatch between navbar and displayed page
  • Fixed CoreMIDI issue where ports were not displayed for some hardware devices (Novation X-Station and others)
  • Fixed Fader.value displaying correct type
  • Fixed stretch function displaying correct types
  • Various Canvas fixes and improvements
  • Added Relative cursor mode to Fader object
  • Integer values are now parsed as such when saving / loading JZML.
  • Added automatic conversion of OSC INT64 & boolean to INT32
  • MIDI Target configuration now properly saved when quitting the app and returning
  • Sequencer objects phase no longer jumps when changing ‘steps’ attribute
  • StepSwitch now sends out values when out variable goes back to null (i.e. Note Off messages correctly sent now)


  • Fixed crash with canvas_restore() on Windows
  • Fixed crashes when opening menus while Canvas is drawn
  • Fixed copy/paste from Lemur to other applications


  • Fixed issues where Daemon ports would get disconnected and appear in red
  • Fixed issue with mislabeled Daemon ports


ThumbJam update arrives

Here’s what’s new in ThumbJam:

  • fixed Audiobus “port unavailable” errors
  • fixed unresponsive issues when creating instruments or using mic recording on iOS8
  • added email export of user presets
  • previously exported presets can now be imported via Open In
  • refined storing of multi-presets vs presets
  • improved VoiceOver accessibility of sidebar popups (key/scale, quickswitch, and splits)
  • added option to ignore IAA sync
  • added latched mode option for sustain-looped instruments
  • fix note drag redraw issue
  • fix monophonic mode stuck notes


So, how is the Retronym’s Wej doing? Shall we have a look

So you might remember that Retronyms announced their new venture into music hardware. They’re looking for pre-orders for Wej to get the whole thing funded by early November. So far they’ve got up to a quarter of the way to their target with 17 days to go.

Take a look at how it’s going at their preorder site.