LinnStrument ThumbJam demo (bus-powered by iPad Air) (video)

Video description:

“Last night I made a lot of progress adapting the LinnStrument firmware so that it runs off of bus power from my iPad Air. This is a demo with ThumbJam’s Bass Bowed sound, played with note-per-channel MIDI, recorded straight into Auria over Inter-App Audio.

The LinnStrument bus-powered mode is still experimental, but there’s a good chance it will end up in the next firmware update. Note that this will only work with iOS devices that have lightning connectors, 30-pin connectors don’t provide enough power.”

Apple’s October Event 2014 (video)

MobMuPlat Patch:: SuperLooper! (video)

Video description:

“An explanation and jam session of my new MobMuPlat patch. SUPERLOOPER!! It’s a looper with drums, synth, and pre/post loop effects. This one took over a month to build but I’m super happy with it. Download here:

Introducing KORG volca sample (video)

AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad adds iOS 8 support with new features & gear (video)

Week of SunVox: tracker basics (video)

This is one of the most difficult areas that people struggle with in Sunvox, so it might be useful to have a look at this video to get a grip on the basics.

Jakob Haq: 300 days Jam sessions [Let’s Play] SoundPrism & Orphion (video)

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