Tomorrow’s Design by bristolmanor (audio)

Track description:

“Deep chilled out synths intersecting with melodies. Spacey. made with Korg Gadget”


Groovesizer TB2 – Preview (video)

Video description:
 “The Groovesizer TB2 is a synthesizer shield for the Arduino Due. The TB2 is a 4 note paraphonic wavetable synth with (digital) filter, envelope and LFO. In addition to the built-in wave shapes (sine, triangle, saw, square, noise), additional wave shapes can be loaded from SD card. For sound generation, it makes use of the two 12-bit DACs built into the Due’s ATSAM3X8E processor (output is mono in the current configuration, but stereo operation is also possible). The TB2 will be available in kit form (ETA December 2014).”



bitLab Live, a weekly geek and tell for our community! This week: Special guests Gabriel @ganzzia…

littleBits weekly show, bitLab live …

“This week we are so excited to announce bitLab Live, a weekly show that will air every Tuesday at 4pm EST on our Youtube Channel. Andrew, Paul and our mascot Falco the Falcon(!) will be hosting the show featuring special guests from the open hardware community.

This week Gabriel Anzziani from Gabotronics will be joining us to demo his oscilloscope module. http://littlebits.cc/bitlab/bits/oscilloscope

Join us to see the latest demos, learn more about bitLab, and geek out about hardware with other makers! At the end of the show, Falco will give away an HDK kit to the winner of our weekly trivia question!
Maybe HDK too much? what do you think?”