Groovesizer TB2 – Preview (video)

Video description:
 “The Groovesizer TB2 is a synthesizer shield for the Arduino Due. The TB2 is a 4 note paraphonic wavetable synth with (digital) filter, envelope and LFO. In addition to the built-in wave shapes (sine, triangle, saw, square, noise), additional wave shapes can be loaded from SD card. For sound generation, it makes use of the two 12-bit DACs built into the Due’s ATSAM3X8E processor (output is mono in the current configuration, but stereo operation is also possible). The TB2 will be available in kit form (ETA December 2014).”

littleBits announce the Brick Adapter

It was inevitable really, to connect littleBits alongside Lego. Why not, and probably the better question would be, how come it has taken so long?

Well you can get on the littleBits wait list for their new Brick Adapter via this page.

Wejaam pro …. (an older video, but I’m still looking forward to this)

Strom for iPad, A Fantastic Sampler and More (video)

Mr Haq’s new schedule

Jakob Haq has decided to inform his readers about how he plans to schedule new episodes of his show and when he’ll be doing stuff from now. It’s very organised, take a look.

bitLab Live, a weekly geek and tell for our community! This week: Special guests Gabriel @ganzzia…

littleBits weekly show, bitLab live …

“This week we are so excited to announce bitLab Live, a weekly show that will air every Tuesday at 4pm EST on our Youtube Channel. Andrew, Paul and our mascot Falco the Falcon(!) will be hosting the show featuring special guests from the open hardware community.

This week Gabriel Anzziani from Gabotronics will be joining us to demo his oscilloscope module.

Join us to see the latest demos, learn more about bitLab, and geek out about hardware with other makers! At the end of the show, Falco will give away an HDK kit to the winner of our weekly trivia question!
Maybe HDK too much? what do you think?”

Macworld Expo taking a break in 2015?

This is sad news though.

The Build — Codename: Digits, a new synth coming from Retronyms …

Video description:

“Introducing our newest Tabletop ready phase distortion synthesizer, currently codenamed “Digits.” Louis, from the Adventures in Funk, is back to demo the prototype. Stay tuned to see Digits in development!”

Useful list of upcoming Steinberg events

And at the end of this list is an event at Music Production Expo which is in London next month. There’s nothing so far on the seminars page of the event site, but I guess that’ll get updated soon enough.

KDJ-One lives again and appears to be coming to Kickstarter soon

Well I haven’t heard about this in ages now. You might remember the KDJ-One from back in 2011 when I posted this video of it as the first MeeGo based mobile audio workstation. There’s another video from back in 2011 here if you’re interested.

The video above (taken from their site) is just over a year old and you can see that the prototype is quite different from the 3D render below.

Their site says:

KDJ-ONE is a mobile audio workstation with advanced synthesizer, sequencer, and audio capabilities.

The KDJ-ONE is a hand-held device with which you can create songs from nothing on the go using it as an advanced synthesizer, or even work on previously made ones using it as a sequencer.

It has both a touch panel and keyboard built-in, which can be used easily anywhere on the go to create realistic sounding music. The internal battery can last up to 10 continuous hours, able to create music for an entire direct flight
from America to Tokyo!

Enjoy making music with the KDJ-ONE!

The site also has a banner saying that the product is coming to kickstarter soon.


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