E&C Maker Faire looking for volunteers


Aliasing Crushed Polaroids – IceGear Laplace Demo (audio)

Laplace on the app store:

Event reminder … UKCFA How not to do crowdfunding

As this is actually this Thursday I thought I’d post another quick reminder about the event.

Here’s what the organisers (UKCF) say about it …

We are a young industry, but fast moving, and with more than 9 million members across all the different crowdfunding platforms in the UK, and more than 600,000 projects and businesses already successfully funded, between us we have already learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t work so well in the world of crowdfunding.

So rather than have a conference where people show off about what they got right, we are only inviting people happy to share what they got wrong in their experience so far.
If that sounds like an event you’d like to be at, sign up here.

Please note that current UK Crowdfunding Association Members and Supporters are entitled to 2 x free tickets each. Further details will be communicated at our next monthly meeting on 19 August or please contact us directly in the interim at info@ukcfa.org.uk.

You can get tickets for the event here.

KORG volca – BK-3 / BakaOscillator (video)

Reminder: Apps World expo and conference

And another reminder. This time for the Apps World expo and conference which you can find a link to on the Palm Sounds home page. It’s right at the top on the right so you can’t miss it. I’m sure it’ll have some interesting things for the developers reading this. There’s quite an interesting looking wearables stream too, although you need to pay for that part of the conference.

Korg electribe – A closer look with Harrison Zafrin (video)

Another thing about that Synthtopia poll …

This is an interesting comment from Synthtopia about iOS music making …

“One other thing that I think is interesting is that the numbers suggest that at least 25% of our readers are now using iOS as a secondary platform for some tasks.”

Now I think that is pretty impressive in itself!

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