Some thoughts from the Smart Radio conference

This was a little while ago, but I’ve been busy, so I’m catching up at the moment. I go to a lot of events, especially right now it seems. Not all of them are of interest, but some are and so I thought I’d share some thoughts from this event which was all about Smart Radio.

Now a lot of what was in this event wouldn’t be of interest to Palm Sounds readers. However, there are a few snippets that I think will be, so I’m focusing on those.

So, what was interesting? Two things. First off …


I’ve known of Mixcloud for ages as I’m sure that many of you have, but I’ve never done anything with it at all. However, hearing about it first hand made me think of how it can be, and in fact is being used, and then how I might adapt that for what I’m thinking about doing.

I’d also be interested in know what any of you use Mixcloud for too.

The second thing …


There was quite a lively debate around podcasting which really grabbed my attention. As you might remember I was involved in the first mobile music podcast show, the TouchSound podcast. Sadly it stopped running some years ago and whilst there have been a few podcasts that have run for a while, there is still a podcast shaped gap in the mobile music world.

Listening to the debate made me think about the show again and if it would be possible to resurrect. I’m still considering it, but if you think it should come back I’d like to hear from you as to what you’d like to see in the show.


Atmegatron Tutorial – Uploading software (video)


Figure updated and as brilliant as ever

So, Figure got updated with AB2 and IAA, all of which is good. But I thought I’d take the opportunity just to say what a great app Figure is and how there really isn’t much more musical fun you can have for $0.99 (£0.69)!

There’s a great community behind it and the app just goes from strength to strength. It’s awesome.

So, if by some chance you don’t have Figure as yet (and I can’t think why that would be), I’d suggest you get it and have some fun.


iYM2151 – test 1 (video)

I always struggled with this app, but this video does remind me that you can get some quite good sounds out of it.


Musical Android talks to Bojan Krhlanko about his album "Rise of the Android", (it’s all about Android music making if you hadn’t guessed)

There’s some quite interesting insights in here from this artist about working with different apps, and one or two I found very amusing indeed. It’s a good interview and well worth a read even if you aren’t using Android.


Speciation – EDM (Caustic 3 for Android video)


E&C Maker Faire looking for volunteers