7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – EGSY01 (video)

Caustic 3 for iPad, How To Vocode Your Beats (video)

ThumbJam on Galaxy Note 4 (with Samsung Soundcamp) (video)

Video description:

“The well known iOS app ThumbJam is available on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4!

Thanks to Samsung’s new Professional Audio SDK, latency is much better than it used to be on Android devices so we decided to take the plunge. The new system allows for inter-app audio and MIDI, so you can record your performances as either audio or MIDI tracks in another app such as Samsung’s Soundcamp, which was used to record everything seen and heard in this video.

At first, ThumbJam for Samsung Professional Audio will be available on the new Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, but later it should also be available on Note 3 and S5 devices.”

SUNDAY JAM (TB 3, VOLCAS, MKP 2) (video)

Apple event will be streamed

I posted last week about Apple’s event on the 16th, but now they’ve confirmed that there’s a live stream via Apple TV and iOS devices, which is nice, but fairly standard these days. Let’s hope that they’ve got something to really wow us this time around.

KORG monotribe X5 – Control Addiction / BakaOscillator (video)

Now that looks like the kind of jam with the best toys


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